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A continuously growing international trade of goods and complex transport demands afford innovative operating logistics service providers and transport specialists, who act with passions and creativity to offer new solutions. The team of Voss International has become a specialist for comprehensive, individual full services in the field of heavy lift & ODC transport, respectively, project logistics within its 90 years of company history. The service comprises planning, execution and final acceptance. You can be sure that your freight is always in professional hands of VOSS International in Dortmund, Germany. Our cross-functional and international employees located in more than 40 countries guarantee for a wide-ranging and customized service package. Excellent quality and customer satisfaction is a living up goal of our company.

National - International

The range of service is sold worldwide at the branches in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and India. Transport of break bulk, heavy or ODCs to Hungary, Italy, Finland, Russia or to other countries are our daily business. Our company fulfills DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification and stands for highest standards. Our cross cultural team with native speakers from Germany, France, England, Portugal, Russia, and Poland copes with complex transport demands. The driver of VOSS International is trained based on VDI 2700a.


  • Founded: 1920
  • Operating in more than
    40 countries

What we carry:

  • Standard and special transport with our own fleet and equipment
  • International project logistics , international transport
  • Multimodal transport: Deep Sea, Feeder Coaster, Air, Inland barge shipping, Road, Rail,
  • Engineering and mounting
  • Packing
  • Full truckload and/or less than truckload to Eastern Europe ( inter alia Russia)
  • Open/covered storage for heavy lift cargo; direct access to channel and loading port.

Our Performance

VOSS International was founded as forwarding company 1920 in Dortmund, Germany. The company has established itself due to growing experience and investment in equipment in the heavy lift & ODC market during the last decades. As an expert for heavy lift cargo transports and international projects, VOSS offers customized transport concepts for ODC in more than 40 countries.

Our best-practice team reverts to excellent operative and technical know-how for shipping special, heavy or out of gauge cargo worldwide on time.

Brief Overview:

  • International forwarder
  • Heavy lift & ODC transport
  • Project forwarder
  • Russia and Eastern Europe traffic
  • Mounting

International Forwarder

Individual transport concepts as well as complex market solutions determine the range of service of VOSS International. National along with international road haulage, transport with closed special trailers till heavy lift cargo carriage belongs to the service we offer the customer. Together with strategic partners and employees in the international branches VOSS offers a wide range of forwarder services. Working in a smart network guarantees an optimal logistics solution regardless of whether via Road, Rail, Air, Deep Sea.

Heavy Lift & ODC Transports

State of the art equipment combined with long term market experience leads the focus on the execution of heavy lift & ODC transports. The core of the equipment for heavy lift cargo transports composes a system of hydraulic configurable gears, which can be individual adjusted for each purpose, e.g. spacer, lower and crawler deck, vessel bed and bridges, long loader bolsters, crankings, trailer couplings, hydraulic machines and SPMTs.

More than 200 axles as well as various equipment give the opportunity to solve complex and difficult tasks. Our own fleet consists of inter alia telescopable trailer, semi-trailer and low beds, which can be adjusted for every requirement. Self-evidently, VOSS International will take care of all planning processes, respectively, coordination of loading and unloading by mobile crane, route surveillance, permissions for domestic and international transports in strict accordance with local regulations, police escort, traffic  re-routing measures ( road closure, removal of traffic lights and signs), clarification of customs, and insurance.

Project Forwarding

The coordination of advanced supply chains of multimodal transports is the core business of VOSS International. The real challenges for a transport and logistics company is the project business, hence it needs the whole expertise and experience of all employees. VOSS International promise you a precise planning in accordance with a worldwide coordination, adherence to schedule, and taking into consideration of all necessary processes of approving. Our motivated team guarantees a consequent execution of innovative and boundless flexibility. An efficient worldwide network of logistics experts assist during the planning and execution.

As project partner Voss International provides all out of one hand for a successful execution of your project, guarantees you personal, professional, and dedicated transport consulting. Furthermore, VOSS International organizes transport solutions for single machine and construction spare parts until full power plants. Larger and smaller distribution operations, repeating deliveries or projects for tenders belong to our business as well.

Russia and Eastern Europe traffic

With respect to the open borders to Eastern Europe and the integration of those countries into the EC, it has emerged a dynamic market with crucial development opportunities for goods and transport demands in a short time.

VOSS International offers the full range of forwarding services for all kinds of transport modes:

  • FTL – Full truckload
  • LTL – Less than truckload
  • Groupage traffic
  • Warehousing
  • Export and import Eastern Europe
  • Customs clearing
  • Transport insurance
  • Heavy lift & ODC transports to/from Eastern Europe
  • Container transports


Demounting/Mounting of Engines and Plants:
Due to the continuous increasing requirements, engineers and experts always improve the transport methods. VOSS International has various, modern equipment, which can be adjusted regarding to the cargo and local restrictions.

At a severe lack of space, low ceilinged areas or where height restricitons, natural/artificial hindrances impede the technical operation, we use shunting rails. A full hydraulic system allows the moving of several hundred tons.We can set down any object with our hydraulic lifts or by means of our special hydraulic jacking system with a high lifting capacity per jack.

We also operate with our demountable  track for smaller as well as for bigger parts, which will be moved with heavy duty roller gears or via Teflon sleds.

If it is necessary to lift very heavy cargo onto the foundation, we will use our hydraulic lift scaffolds, whereas one can lift up to 1500 tons for overcoming vertical distances.



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